Collaboration skills

Become a high-value collaborator through expert tips and in-depth guides. Learn how to build connection, collaborate asynchronously, and maximize efficiency.

  • A guide to achieving organizational alignment

    Recognizing the importance of organizational alignment is easy—achieving it isn't. Explore our best tips to start.


    • Hybrid work
    • Visual collaboration
    • Collaboration skills
  • Lessons learned from remote work that you should bring back to the office

    Here are six lessons we’ve learned from remote work that you should bring with you to the office.

  • The definitive big room planning guide (+ a template toolkit)

    Struggling with big room planning? Lucid has the definitive guide, including a step-by-step walkthrough and template toolkit.

  • A step-by-step strategic planning guide

    Tired of theoretical planning resources? You’re in the right place. Here’s our actionable strategic planning guide.

  • A step-by-step guide to business process improvement

    How do you go beyond the methodologies and create real change? It’s time to learn the process of process improvement.

  • 15 hacks for making your meetings more productive with Lucid

    Here are some simple hacks you can do in Lucid to save time so you can collaborate more efficiently with your team during meetings.

  • 6 ways to use Visual Activities to fuel better alignment

    Let’s explore six different ways your organization can leverage Lucid’s Visual Activities to fuel stronger alignment and more efficient collaboration.

  • How to embrace disagreement during collaboration

    To truly innovate, teams need to achieve true alignment, which only comes after going through the process of debate, evaluation, and yes, even disagreement. Here are three techniques you can use to incentivize healthy debate within your team.

  • Beyond the meeting: Maintaining momentum and efficiency

    It’s frustrating to lose momentum between meetings. Learn more about maintaining momentum beyond the meeting here.

  • Guide to strategic decision-making: Tools and techniques to make better business decisions

    Strategic decision-making is the backbone of great leadership, but it’s not always easy to implement. Get our best decision-making tips here.

  • How to increase meeting engagement with Lucid—without increasing meeting quantity

    If you feel like hybrid meeting distraction is keeping your team from reaching its creative or strategic potential, consider applying some of these techniques.

  • How to facilitate better meetings with Lucid

    Explore tips for facilitating more effective, engaging meetings from three Lucid experts.

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