The sales team at Netguru uses Lucidchart to build account maps that help them better understand complex accounts, identify new opportunities, ensure consistency and visibility, and ultimately fuel company growth.

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Key benefits

As Netguru works with more complex organizations, they rely on Lucidchart to build account maps visualizing who they know at a company and how contacts are related. Lucidchart's integration with Salesforce easily makes the account maps part of reps' existing workflows and ensures they are easily updated and always accessible.
Account managers present their account maps to the C-suite so executives can understand how an account is progressing and identify where they can make introductions to expand an account further.
Account maps help information flow more easily throughout Netguru and aligns executives and account managers on an account's progression, both of which help to fuel growth at the company.

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Netguru is one of the fastest-growing software agencies in EU. They design and develop digital products for clients across the globe and focus on providing an excellent user experience. 

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 Based in Poland, Netguru works with a variety of clients around the globe, ranging from early startups to large corporations. As the company’s sales team began working with more and more complex organizations, they began to notice that their deals were becoming more complex as well. 

Navigating complex deals

While working with a small or mid-market organization, an account manager can easily talk to the CEO or CTO right off the bat. However, in moving to bigger organizations, these same account managers suddenly find themselves starting five levels below the C-suite. They have far more stakeholders involved and far more variables to keep track of in order to talk to the right people and grow an account. 

This realization prompted a shift in mindset towards account-based selling. In attempts to open more doors at accounts, Netguru executives started asking questions: Who do we know at an organization, and how are those contacts related? And they didn’t just want to hear the answers—they wanted to see this information visually.

Mapping accounts with Lucidchart

Calin Muresan, existing business manager at Netguru, knew his account management department needed to start mapping their accounts in order to effectively answer these questions and disseminate information more easily throughout the organization. Already familiar with Lucidchart, he discovered the platform’s account mapping functionality was perfect for their current needs. 

The team started creating account maps to better understand their top strategic accounts. Before, reps dreaded (and often avoided) trying to make account maps in Excel or PowerPoint. Now Lucidchart makes it easy to get started with templates that fit their use case. According to Calin, Lucidchart’s Salesforce integration is the biggest selling point for Netguru. 

“We don't just use Salesforce as a sales CRM. Salesforce is the heart of our company's data ecosystem. We list salaries, calculate margins, calculate projects, document all project-related info, etc. So for us, having something that syncs with our main tool was crucial because we wanted to keep everything central and available to everyone from our 650+ team.”

With Lucidchart’s bi-directional sync, reps only need to update information in one tool for it to be automatically reflected in both the Lucidchart account map and the Salesforce account. And they can easily access their account maps from a button in Salesforce, allowing Salesforce to remain their go-to platform. 

account map example

Standardizing account documentation

While at first everyone created maps in their own style, today Netguru has standardized their account maps to create a consistent, easily understandable format across accounts. In fact, they now have a “master mapmaker” charged with building all of the account maps for the team.

Anna Poniatowska is the sales operation specialist in charge of all account map creation. She works with account managers to map out the contacts at a specific account and highlight the relationships between them. Lucidchart saves her time in creating professional visuals that include all the information sales reps need. She describes: 

“Salesforce allows us to show the structure but without any additional data, colors, or contact photos, which can be crucial for understanding and feeling relations with various accounts. Creating these maps in Google Docs would be time-consuming, as there is no sync between Google Docs and Salesforce.”

This standardization also streamlines account handoffs. As a growing team, Netguru is constantly transitioning accounts, and having the account map as the single source of truth allows new account owners to quickly come up to speed. 

account map

Providing visibility 

These maps have become crucial for Netguru’s “account plan days,” where account managers present to the C-suite and other stakeholders on how their accounts are progressing. The executives are most concerned with who the account manager knows at an account and where there are gaps. The account map facilitates these discussions, making it easy for the audience to quickly understand existing relationships and identify where they can provide new introductions to expand an account. Calin describes:

“The CEO asks, ‘How can I help? What door can I open?’ Then having these maps displayed, especially now remotely on a call, and saying, ‘This is what I know, this is what I need, how can you help me break into their C level, Mr. CEO?’ This is super valuable.”

These visuals also create alignment with the project management and delivery teams that work on specific projects for an account, allowing them to understand how their contributions fit into the overall objective. Calin explains: 

“Each project ends up having a different project manager, so when a new project manager is coming onto the account, we can say, ‘Let me show you how your project fits into the organization I'm trying to onboard. Here's your project. Here are the stakeholders that you're dealing with. Now see how this stakeholder influences my other deal? Now you understand why we need to treat them this certain way.’”

Fueling growth

Armed with Lucidchart account maps, information flows more easily throughout the org, and account managers and executives are aligned on an account’s status and progression. As a result, these account maps ultimately help fuel account growth at Netguru. 

“It's mainly about understanding our accounts and people behind them, understanding the networks, and ultimately building multi-level relationships so we can support the growth of our accounts and overall financial growth. That's what it's all about in the end, and it's easy once you have the map to navigate.”

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