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Headroom Meetings

by Headroom Inc.


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In an era of remote work and distributed teams, effective communication has become more crucial than ever. With Headroom, you can connect with your team by holding engaging face-to-face discussions directly in Lucidspark and Lucidchart.

Power connection, understanding and knowledge sharing with Headroom’s advanced AI. While meeting, create a sticky or card from any part of the real-time conversation transcript with just a click, so your meeting time can be spent bringing your ideas to life, not trying to take notes. Headroom will automatically capture action items with assignees, as well as generate a text recap of the meeting once it’s finished that can be emailed to you, added to the board or shared with others. All past meetings on a board can be searched, viewed and applied to the board as well, turning your conversations into a knowledge base.

Key features

  • Start a meeting instantly and invite participants from a chart or board
  • Save ideas to the board by creating a sticky or card from any line of conversation in just one click
  • Keep projects moving forward with automatically captured action items and assignees
  • After the meeting, view the AI-generated text recap, video highlight reel or full meeting recording
  • Search across all your past meetings by keyword or participant to easily find anything

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