IT チームが複雑なソリューションを設計し、明確に理解できるソリューション

Lucid は、IT エキスパートが既存のインフラを把握してメンテナンスし、組織間でのコミュニケーションを図り、システム全体の信頼性を向上させるのに役立ちます。


IT エキスパートの Lucid ビジュアルコラボレーションスイートの活用方法



Jira や Microsoft Azure DevOps とのインテグレーションを活用してアイデアを出し合い、技術的な要件を伝え、タスクを整理できます。






正確なクラウドモデル、データフローマップ、ER 図や UML 図を即座に生成し、関係者がいつでもアクセスし、内容を理解できる状態に保てます。




A conceptual image of cloud documentation in Lucidscale

Create documentation for security audits

Connect to your cloud provider—AWS, Azure, or GCP—to automatically diagram your cloud infrastructure for annual security audits.

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A conceptual image of a service cloud data model in Lucidchart

Visualize relationships between entities

Diagram and document the relationship between internal tools. Integrate with Confluence to embed diagrams into your knowledge base.

Create a model

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Toolkit for effortless documentation

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"If there was an outage between any shift change, you could lose an hour or two while one team is sun setting and another team's coming up. That's basically a third of the day gone between shifting time zones and getting a new person up to speed. We use these diagrams to show what we've already done and what we have yet to figure out."

Toby Foss, Director of Cloud Network Operations at Informatica

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"When an agent receives a call from a customer, with a question or a complaint that something’s not working, we need to solve that problem as quickly as possible. Obviously, the more information we have about the customer and their location, the quicker we can solve that problem. So Lucidchart helps us provide agents with as much information as possible. It gives them a complete understanding of the local network."

Joshua Fruhman, Head of Deployment for the Application at Groupon

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


See and understand the flow of ideas, systems, and processes. Make informed decisions faster to accelerate innovation.

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Product and UX

Gather requirements, design mockups and user flows, and build roadmaps to communicate your product vision across teams.

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Visualize every step of complex operational processes to drive informed decision-making and optimize efficiency.

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複雑な IT ソリューションを分かりやすく伝える



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