Where IT teams design and clarify complex solutions

Lucid helps IT experts understand and maintain existing infrastructure, communicate across orgs, and improve overall system reliability.

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team highlighting areas for improvement on a cloud diagram and prioritizing work to be done

Plan, prioritize, and collaborate on complex IT solutions

Quickly generate database or architecture diagrams as a starting point, then brainstorm future plans with dynamic, collaborative tools.

team highlighting areas for improvement on a cloud diagram and prioritizing work to be done

Design new systems or optimize your current state

Map out how new system designs will integrate with existing infrastructure and share detailed concepts with stakeholders.

users building a cloud architecture diagram

Generate and maintain infrastructure documentation

Save time and reduce human error with automated cloud models that help teams verify solutions while keeping documentation up to date.

user switching between current and future state views on a cloud diagram

How IT experts use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Turn brainstorming into requirements and actions

Brainstorm ideas, communicate technical requirements, and organize tasks using integrations with Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Create and share project plans across teams

Document and deliver project plans, timelines, and scope elements for impactful sprint planning, project management, and prioritization.

Design complex infrastructure with simple visuals

Quickly generate accurate cloud models, data flow maps, ERDs, and UML diagrams—all easily accessed and understood by stakeholders.

Launch, monitor, and optimize your solution

Validate security and compliance, troubleshoot issues, and create a starting point for future improvements to improve user experience.

Aravind Marthineni

Solutions Architect

If a huge infrastructure failure happens, those junior devs have no idea which component of the infrastructure failed. You will need something to look at. And that's one big reason why diagrams are important. And not only in crisis situations—but also how teams transition over a period of time.

Communicate complex IT solutions clearly

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