Keep IT teams and systems working together

Design, document, and optimize your technology infrastructure within the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Ensure everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

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Work with stakeholders to brainstorm and plan complex hardware and software rollouts. Get aligned on priorities and timelines.

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How IT teams use Lucid

Design work order processes

Use custom shapes to visualize a flow for onboarding new employees. Improve your process with commenting and task assignments.

Create roadmaps

Work with cross-functional teams to prioritize projects and build timelines. Make planning seamless with Jira and Azure DevOps integrations.

Streamline strategic planning

Use Visual Activities to rank priorities and reach consensus. Break down complex projects into manageable tasks with Lucid Cards.

Optimize your CI/CD pipeline

Visualize the deployable unit path for continuous integration and continuous delivery, so you can easily identify improvements.

Create documentation for security audits

Connect to your cloud provider—AWS, Azure, or GCP—to automatically diagram your cloud infrastructure for annual security audits.

Visualize relationships between entities

Diagram and document the relationship between internal tools. Integrate with Confluence to embed diagrams into your knowledge base.

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3 ways Lucid accelerates R&D innovation

Move your projects seamlessly from ideation to execution.

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Lucid integrations marketplace

Explore industry-leading apps that integrate with Lucid.

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Toolkit for effortless documentation

Document all your IT systems and processes with ease.

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"We’re trying to make sure that the learnings of an individual consultant or the output of a successful project aren't just lost. In a consultancy, what tends to happen is you have a team of people that work really hard to deliver something during the course of a project, and at the end of that project they go on and move onto the next thing. The learnings and outputs are forgotten."

Simon Evans - CTO at Ensono Digital

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“If there was an outage between any shift change, you could lose an hour or two while one team is sun setting and another team's coming up. That's basically a third of the day gone between shifting time zones and getting a new person up to speed. We use these diagrams to show what we've already done and what we have yet to figure out.”

Toby Foss - Director of Cloud Network Operations at Informatica

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“When an agent receives a call from a customer, with a question or a complaint that something’s not working, we need to solve that problem as quickly as possible. Obviously, the more information we have about the customer and their location, the quicker we can solve that problem. So Lucidchart helps us provide agents with as much information as possible. It gives them a complete understanding of the local network.”

Joshua Fruhman - Head of Deployment for the Application at Groupon

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


See and understand the flow of ideas, systems, and processes. Make informed decisions faster to accelerate innovation.

Product and UX

Gather requirements and build roadmaps as you communicate your product vision across engineering and GTM teams.


Visualize every step of complex operational processes to drive informed decision-making and optimize efficiency.

See how IT teams design, document, and optimize systems with Lucid

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