Plan, manage, and build complex projects with confidence

Project management teams harness the power of visual collaboration to clarify project workflows, align stakeholders, and streamline processes—no matter where, when, or how teams are working.

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How project management teams use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Secure the stakeholder buy-in your projects need

Collaborate with your stakeholders—in real time or asynchronously—using a virtual whiteboard to gather feedback, synthesize ideas, and stay aligned as projects progress.

Improve productivity at every step of a project

Visualize your current processes mapped against future state to quickly identify ways to improve workflows and maximize efficiencies across teams.

Easily adapt projects as priorities shift

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by creating timelines and workflows to visualize progress towards milestones and proactively identify potential roadblocks.

Keeps teams aligned through seamless integrations

Save time by creating action items in Jira, Azure DevOps, or Smartsheet directly from your project plan. The two-way sync between tools helps you confidently track progress and align teams.

Build a single source of truth for all project pieces

From ideation workshops to project workflows, Kanban boards, and architecture diagrams, document the entire project in one central shared space.

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Kunal Arora

Senior Program Manager

Lucidchart allows teams to more accurately and efficiently reflect what their commitments are each sprint. The tool helps us make adjustments to those commitments on the fly, as we have the flexibility to revise as needed. Lucidchart is working wonders for us.

Improve company-wide project management with Lucid

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