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Join forces with Lucid to take visual collaboration to the next level. Explore the Lucid visual collaboration suite, consider the possibilities, and register as a technology, solutions, or affiliate partner.

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Partnership overview

What can we create together?

The Lucid visual collaboration suite gives teams clarity into where they stand so they can build a vision for the future. As a Lucid partner, you can help your clients share ideas, plan for success, and take projects from ideation to delivery. Join us as we tap into the power of visualization to accelerate alignment and innovation across every company.

Technology partners

Become a Lucid technology partner

Do you have a product that would make for a stellar integration with Lucidchart, Lucidspark, or Lucidscale? Tell us more! Build integrated applications, add-ins, or solutions onto existing Lucid software, services, and technology.

Why partner with Lucid?

Lucid products revolutionize the way your customers work. Sync with our visual collaboration suite to facilitate collaboration, drive clarity through visuals, and streamline processes. See some of our existing integrations here.

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Our premier partners

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Benefits for technology partners

Build, test, and integrate your apps with Lucid

Reach over 25 million Lucid users

Leverage Lucid's unique visualization capabilities within your own product

Work with a dedicated partner manager at Lucid

Get special access to Lucid APIs

Solutions partners

Become a Lucid solutions partner

Join our global community of consultants, agencies, systems integrators, and resellers. Provide Lucid product knowledge, product configuration expertise, and customized services.

Why partner with Lucid?

Boost revenue streams by partnering with Lucid as a reseller, supplementing your services through discounted access to the Lucid visual collaboration suite, and providing top-tier product knowledge and support. Team up with a product trusted by over 25 million users worldwide.

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Benefits for 
solutions partners

Earn commissions on closed deals

Enjoy discounted Lucid licenses for your organization

Access free Lucid sales training

Work with a dedicated partner manager at Lucid

Affiliate partners

Become a Lucid affiliate

Want to help make visual collaboration easier for everyone? Promote leading software in the online diagramming and virtual whiteboarding spaces by becoming a Lucid affiliate.

Why partner with Lucid?

Spread the word about Lucid, and earn rewards while you do it. As an affiliate partner, we provide you with all the resources to succeed. Team up with a product trusted by more than 25 million users worldwide.

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See why millions use Lucid to collaborate visually.

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