Equip solutions engineers to meet customer needs

Leverage the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite to understand and align on customers’ strategic initiatives. Design, build, and deploy tailored solutions.

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Work with technical and non-technical stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, objectives, and expectations.

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How solutions engineering teams use Lucid

Host discovery workshops

Facilitate interactive sessions to better understand customers’ needs, goals, technical requirements, and expected timelines.

Visualize customer systems

Document the current state of a customer’s architecture, codebase, process, and more. Create diagrams from scratch or from imported data.

Build future-state proposals

Demonstrate how your solution will work with customers’ existing systems and workflows, and easily document customer feedback. Use layers to compare current and future states.

Create account maps

Establish a single source of truth for customer account information. Collaborate with sales on shared account maps and plans.

Scale customer resources

Use team hubs to create a repository of shared demos and visuals. Build templates that can easily be customized to meet customer needs and save teams hours of time.

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Time-saving tips for sales engineers

Quickly create presentations and visuals for customers.

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Eliminate barriers to closing deals by working better together.

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"I find that when we're talking to different people, when I am able to use a diagram to show how the Okta Identity Cloud would work for their particular use case, it starts to click so much better than me just trying to articulate on the phone. Because words are very dry and are open to too much interpretation."

Dan Marma - Sales Architect at Okta

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“We were looking for ways to improve the collaboration and sharing of technical material. Lucidchart enabled us to create shared customer folders that we could share amongst the consulting groups so we could leverage each other’s work. It also allowed us to create templates to share, which are accessible by other consultants and allow them to more quickly create an output.”

Phil Carolan - Regional Director of Professional Services at Okta

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“Providing a diagram makes the conversation easier for the customer. No question. Being able to have this visual diagram of what we can and can't do significantly increases the customer's retention and grasp of the information. It gives them a sense of security that this isn’t our first rodeo.”

Sam Metzer - Solutions Engineer at DocuSign

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


Uncover valuable insights about your customers to create a collaborative selling environment and hit your targets.

Customer success

Streamline customer onboarding with mutual success plans to ensure a smooth, fast implementation process for every org.

Product and UX

Gather requirements, design mockups and user flows, and build roadmaps to communicate your product vision across teams.

See how solutions engineers meet customer needs with Lucid

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