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See and build the future with the most used, most intelligent, most complete, and most connected visual collaboration platform.

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What are your goals for visual collaboration?

Ideate, design, and build better ideas faster

Whether you need to brainstorm with your team, plan and track projects, or implement an Agile framework, Lucidspark is your go-to solution for collaboration in real time or anytime.

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Visualize ideas, systems, and processes

If your technical or non-technical team creates visualizations like diagrams, process maps, flowcharts, or org charts, Lucidchart has everything you need to shape and share your visuals.

See, understand, and optimize cloud environments

For IT and technical teams that implement, migrate, and manage cloud infrastructure, Lucidscale gives you the power to automatically visualize AWS, Azure, and GCP architecture.

Explore Lucid’s purpose-built solutions

Get individually powerful yet highly connected solutions for visual collaboration.

Lucidspark for virtual whiteboarding

Share and organize ideas on an infinite canvas with Frames, sticky notes, and freehand drawing tools. Make decisions faster with breakout boards, timed voting, and Visual Activities.

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Lucidchart for intelligent diagramming

Use standard or custom shape libraries to create professional-quality visualizations. Put complex data in context with conditional formatting, Smart Containers, and formulas.

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Lucidscale for cloud visualization

Save time and budget by eliminating the need to manually diagram changes in your cloud environment. Drill down into the view you need for specific audiences and challenges.

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The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Combine Lucidspark and Lucidchart for end-to-end visual collaboration. Enable every team in your organization to be more collaborative, innovative, and productive at every stage of work.

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Next-generation capabilities

At Lucid, the future of visual collaboration is here. Discover capabilities designed to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Switch seamlessly—on the same canvas—from whiteboarding tools in Lucidspark to diagramming tools in Lucidchart.

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Here’s what other users were curious about.

Are Lucid documents easy to share?

Lucid gives you a flexible range of options for securely sharing documents, boards, models, folders, and Team Spaces with licensed and guest collaborators.

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Where can I learn how to use Lucid?

Visit the learning campus hub for online courses, help center articles, templates, and resources to better understand the power of visual collaboration.

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Can I get a demo before trying the product?

Submit your info from the demo request page. A Lucid rep will reach out to show you how the platform works and answer any questions you may have.

See and build the future with the most used visual collaboration platform

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