Turn operational complexity into clarity

From production and delivery logistics to org design and people ops, Lucid helps operations teams visualize and communicate at every step.

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Provide real-time visibility for asynchronous teams

Eliminate manual process documentation, and align across multiple sites, shifts, and cross-functional teams with a single source of truth.

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Make sense of hundreds of inputs easily

Drill down into your data to eliminate bottlenecks, measure downtime, and make your processes as efficient as possible.

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Communicate process changes and break down silos

Tighten your feedback loops and eliminate duplicate work with the power of visual collaboration in the cloud.

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How operations teams use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Ideate across teams with ease

Brainstorm problems and dependencies, identify waste, and scope deliverables and success metrics easily and in real time with a dynamic virtual whiteboard.

Design highly complex processes that don’t go stale

Plan out workflows mapped to personnel competencies, standardize production processes for optimization and efficiency, and draft project plans for review and signoff.

Build project timelines and dashboards everyone can see

Share highly transparent documents and presentation to guide executive leadership and help teams make informed decisions.

Circulate plans across your org to align teams

Train cross-functional teams on new processes, and communicate and execute on new or revised business strategies.

Monitor and report on your successes

Create roll-up reports for asynchronous reporting, and pull in data across numerous systems to see how you’re tracking to your KPIs.

Steve Goff

Process Engineer

Getting people to understand a process just by looking at a diagram rather than searching through written-out instructions has saved us hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars. For me, Lucidchart is just invaluable.

Find clarity amid operational complexity

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