Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation

Create, modify, and digitalize large-scale processes, tools, workplace experiences, and customer journeys with Lucid.

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team sorting sticky notes on a Lucidspark board

Collaborate effectively on projects of all sizes

Turn large meetings into productive working sessions, whether teams are in person, hybrid, or remote. Develop solutions together in a shared visual space.

team sorting sticky notes on a Lucidspark board

Align every department on large-scale initiatives

Create data-driven visuals to quickly see opportunities to improve workplace and customer experiences. Leverage these visuals to get buy-in from stakeholders.

user adding spreadsheet data to a flowchart

Clarify complex processes and systems

Compare current and future states. Identify problems and develop solutions faster with smart visualizations of your systems and processes.

user toggling between a current-state version of a flowchart and a future-state version

Reimagine and build a new way to do business

Visualize complex processes, systems, and workflows

Rapidly prototype and build technical designs and wireframes on a collaborative canvas. Understand and redesign your company’s structure with dynamic org charts.

Create a repository of institutional knowledge

Your ideas, designs, and systems function as a blueprint for how your business works. Past and present document versions become an innovation repository, easily accessed by all stakeholders.

Stay organized and aligned during massive initiatives

Visualize and adjust project plans, and sync bi-directionally with your project management applications. Present information and updates to stakeholders, and quickly revise based on feedback.

Improve the customer experience

Develop new UI wireframes to transform the customer journey. Implement new technology, and bring analog processes into the digital realm.

Overhaul, standardize, or consolidate systems

Visualize your cloud architecture to drive effective design. Overlay or link data to align teams on plans and dependencies. Provide clarity to understand, track, and maintain newly deployed technology

Jose Lustre

Principal Strategy and Operations Consultant

The flexible navigability of the document allows me to put in as much detail as needed and makes it so that any diagram can scale as systems become more complex.

Effectively manage digital transformation for your business

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