Get faculty, staff, and students on the same page

Create better student learning environments. Improve alignment across faculty and staff with visual collaboration.

Lucid for Education

Foster collaboration, productivity, and learning for remote and in-person students with an online, visual workspace that’s easy to use.

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How higher-ed and K-12 institutions use Lucid

Empower hybrid and in-person learning

Use templates to create interactive and tailored experiences for every group of students. Grab attention with a virtual laser pointer and messages you can broadcast to all participants.

Create equitable learning experiences

Make an inclusive environment for all learning styles with digital versions of classroom tools, like sticky notes, comments, peer reviews, and breakout groups.

Effectively support the needs of your diverse learning community

Collaborate—in real time or asynchronously—with faculty and staff. Review previous versions of processes and map out current workflows to provide what’s best for your students.

Enable students to take ownership of their learning

Get students ready to enter the global workforce as they learn to solve problems, collaborate with others, diagram process flows, and more on a virtual canvas.

Save time with automation

Automate cloud documentation for AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructures, and keep visuals in a central location. Get everyone on the same page without having to manually diagram changes.

Steven Broad

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

The collaborative, web-based functionality has greatly reduced the amount of time that students spend embroiled in the logistics of versioning and distributing their diagrams to their team. No team has reported wasted time due to working on the wrong version of a diagram, which has been a regular problem in the past.

Empower educational institutions with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

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