Conceptualize and create new products and experiences faster

Product development teams thrive in a visual, collaborative space where they can gather data, ideate solutions, document plans, and align stakeholders.

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Empower hybrid work and cross-functional teams

Gather insights, identify market opportunities, and evaluate customer feedback in one place with sticky notes, voting, and comments that involve every stakeholder.

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Lucid's Visual Collaboration Suite helps teams build their best solutions

Identify opportunities and potential solutions

Help teams conduct research, generate ideas, define objectives, and discuss the scope of a product release. Document your work in the cloud, always accessible for cross-functional stakeholders to reference.

Evaluate and converge on ideas

Work collaboratively to identify key tasks, dependencies, and timelines. Leaders can visualize and allocate resources, build teams, and map objectives with transparency and accountability.

Develop the chosen solution

Conduct productive sprint planning meetings, reviews, and retrospectives. Tasks and timelines are easy to update as team members track their progress against the shared project schedule.

Create project documentation

Document your thought process, development, user flows, and notes for future architecture decisions. Your documents are always easy to reference and iterate on as you plan future innovations.

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Alex Ni


Lucidchart has become the backbone of our collaboration for enterprise architectural knowledge.

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