Seamless collaboration to support exceptional hybrid teams

Lucid brings clarity and alignment to hybrid teams through visual collaboration that drives innovation and supports data-based decision-making.

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Build solutions together, no matter where you are

Teams can collaborate in real time or offline. Use visuals to bridge communication gaps, increase participation, and hear every voice.

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Turn complex problems into clear paths forward

Hybrid work stays on track when teams use visuals to capture and organize feedback, define scope, and keep projects moving forward.

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Create a living blueprint of your business

Provide transparency around key aspects of your business, goals, and objectives so teams can onboard quickly, stay aligned, and work effectively.

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Build thriving hybrid teams through visual collaboration

Give every voice an opportunity to be heard and valued

Virtual whiteboards with voting, reactions, Facilitator Tools, and more empower your whole team to actively participate in structured problem-solving.

Capture information anytime—have it available all the time

Take notes, add comments, tag collaborators, and review revision history to document progress and purposefully engage contributors across multiple teams and locations.

Work across devices and tools to support all team members

Our infinite canvas spans devices and operating systems for flexible collaboration and documentation that's ready to share with every stakeholder.

Create connection and build strong working relationships

Build custom templates and processes, visualize your org, and lead engaging team building activities to strengthen team relationships.

Brad Rencher


With the future of work, there will be a persistence of people participating in meetings remotely. We need products that act as that context facilitator and discussion aligner. Even if we were in the office, we’d want a screen projecting Lucidspark and we’d want to use it as our workspace to drive the context and alignment around what we’re discussing.

Facilitate extraordinary collaboration for hybrid teams

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