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How executive management teams use Lucid

Assemble a powerful team

Infuse org charts with data to hire the right talent and assemble the right teams. Plus, you can adjust and plan out your organizational structure together in real time.

Improve processes and manage resource allocation

Create visuals for every job to be done that help accomplish your business’s goals. Don’t start from scratch—save time and start with a template. Then share those documents with all teams involved.

Manage high-priority data

Quickly visualize performance data. Produce financial statement concept maps that track progress and results. Integrate with Jira, Smartsheet, and Microsoft Teams to work without interruption.

Plan and execute strategic initiatives

Hold your team acccountable with shared timelines and tasks created in planning sessions. Make visual presentations that clearly convey your company’s vision.

Communicate clearly with key management

Reduce follow-up meetings by turning brainstorms into action items. Maintain confidentiality, control viewership, and protect sensitive information.

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Brad Rencher


We’ve tried other online collaboration products, but the dynamic nature of Lucidspark with features like color coding and voting, all in one application on one canvas with flexibility, really helped our meeting reach a new plane. Now it's up to us to turn that strategy into a business that will thrive for the next three years.

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