Equip executive teams with powerful business insights

Visualize everything you need to lead a successful business with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Align on strategic priorities and establish processes that scale.

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How executive teams use Lucid

Conceptual image of a dashboard in Lucidchart with bar graphs showing progress towards completing OKRs

Create strategic plans

Facilitate collaborative sessions to brainstorm and plan company-wide goals. Visualize resources and capacity to make data-driven decisions.

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Conceptual image of a dynamic table in Lucidspark with tasks organized by team name

Visualize cross-functional projects

Identify opportunities for collaboration within large-scale initiatives. Use timelines and integrations with work management tools to bring plans to life.

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Conceptual image of a Lucidchart org chart with added sticky notes

Map systems, personnel, and resources

Go beyond traditional org charts with data and conditional formatting. View your organization in different ways to gain valuable insights and hire a powerful team.

Visualize your org
Conceptual image of a process flow in Lucidchart with various process shapes

Document processes

Map core processes for all employees to reference at a glance. Use this documentation to easily identify improvements and optimize your org for efficiency.

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Conceptual image of a dashboard with pie charts showing employee training progress

Provide employee training

Conduct engaging, productive training sessions with easy-to-use facilitation tools. Collaborate in real time or asynchronously to help employees onboard and learn quickly.

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Additional resources

3 ways Lucid helps optimize your organization

Create alignment and clarity through visuals.

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How Lucid informs decision-making

Take the guesswork out of strategic decisions.

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Creative facilitation course

Become an expert facilitator and drive innovation.

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“We’ve tried other online collaboration products, but the dynamic nature of Lucidspark with features like color coding and voting, all in one application on one canvas with flexibility, really helped our meeting reach a new plane. Now it's up to us to turn that strategy into a business that will thrive for the next three years.”

Brad Rencher, CEO at BambooHR

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“It’s changed everything. I think a picture’s worth a thousand words, so rather than writing up a 20-page product requirements document or sketching out a complex org chart, I chart it out visually. It’s so much easier.”

Craig Walker, CEO at Dialpad

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“I don't know how I would have done this in a remote workplace without a tool like Lucidspark. I can't even imagine doing this in a PowerPoint. Lucidspark was definitely a huge time saver. And for me coming in new, having a tool where everybody can put their ideas in simultaneously also saved us time. Otherwise, people would have had to make me documents, and then I would have to put them all together offline.”

Justin Donlon, VP of Process Innovation and Analytics at CarGurus

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.

Project management

Plan, manage, and build complex projects. Streamline processes as you clarify workflows and align stakeholders.

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Clarify complex financial data with intelligent visuals. Create secure documentation and communicate with stakeholders.

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Take the next step in creating clarity and alignment throughout your org

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