Helping financial teams visualize their data

Demystify financial data, maintain secure documentation, and proactively communicate with stakeholders—all in a collaborative space.

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How finance teams use Lucid

Map complex processes

Centralize documentation for easy stakeholder reference. Create dynamic financial models and build dashboards to monitor metrics.

Create a financial concept map

Collaborate on strategic plans

Strategize for financial events such as M&As, earnings calls, and quarterly reports. Map milestones on timelines for clarity.

Create a timeline

Present insights to stakeholders

Use flowcharts, graphs, and presentations to communicate complex financial data, simplifying the process of reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

Visualize data

Create dynamic org charts

Leverage intelligent features to create data-backed org charts. Uncover insights, identify patterns, and make decisions around compensation.

Design an org chart

Optimize financial processes with dynamic documentation

With diagrams and flowcharts, you can visualize financial workflows and create data-backed documentation for stakeholders to easily reference.

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I am a Lucidchart user that was interested in the new Lucidspark offering. I used Lucidspark with my operations team in brainstorming sessions to identify pain points and inefficiencies in the financial servicing of one of our products.

Lou Beirle, Head of Finance at LeafLink

Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


Communicate and execute big-picture goals. Get aligned on strategic priorities and scale organizational processes.

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Create an optimal employee experience. Visualize complex org structures and systems to inform strategic decisions.

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Tell convincing stories with your financial data

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