Make HR more resourceful

Map organizational structure, identify process gaps, and enhance employee experience—all while maintaining compliance.

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How human resource teams use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Facilitate employee onboarding across cross-functional teams

Whether onboarding remote or in person, set new hires up for success by aligning teams with visual workflows, clear timelines, and integrations with project management tools.

Proactively identify resource gaps to manage headcount

Import data directly from BambooHR or Google Sheets to automatically generate org charts, group teams by different data points, and visualize gaps as the business grows.

Maintain compliance with secure, flexible documentation

Map the data flow within your HRIS using flowcharts, visualize the supporting data infrastructure, and build internal audit systems to ensure you’re meeting compliance standards.

Understand current processes and identify improvements

Synthesize employee feedback on a virtual whiteboard and brainstorm solutions collaboratively. Then, visualize your current process vs. an ideal future state to identify action items.

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Aaron Barratt

Senior IT Specialist and Lucidchart admin

HR has really started falling in love with some of the features, especially around creating org charts. That was something they struggled with in the past, but Lucidchart makes it so easy to design an org chart that just looks so good.

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