Build a more strategic human resources team

Visualize complex org structures and systems with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Make informed decisions to optimize the employee experience.

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How HR teams use Lucid

A conceptual image of an org chart in Lucidchart that shows team, location, and workload

Visualize your org structure

Create org charts from scratch or from imported data. Use conditional formatting and Group View to sort people and teams by any criteria.

Build an org chart
A conceptual image of an onboarding process flow in Lucidchart with swimlanes

Design organizational processes

Plan and document onboarding flows, performance reviews, benefits enrollment, and more. Create document repositories for easy access.

Plan onboarding
A conceptual image of a Lucidspark board that shows various shapes and a timer

Optimize employee experiences

Map out the existing employee journey and brainstorm improvements. Collaborate visually to align on compensation, benefits, and more.

Browse templates
A conceptual image of a performance improvement plan in Lucidchart

Conduct training and development

Use Breakout Boards, Visual Activities, voting, and other features that facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Facilitate performance improvement
A conceptual image of a network org structure diagram in Lucidchart

Create compliance documentation

Work collaboratively and cross-functionally to document systems and processes for organizational compliance audits.

Create a network org diagram

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How Lucid’s HR teams use Lucid blog post

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Explore use cases for general and administrative teams.

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Getting started with org charts course

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"HR has really started falling in love with some of the features, especially around creating org charts. That was something they struggled with in the past, but Lucidchart makes it so easy to design an org chart that just looks so good."

Aaron Barratt, Senior IT Specialist and Lucidchart Admin at Appirio

"I've used Lucid mostly for team planning, structure changes, process improvement, and documentation."

Allison Jones, Director of People Ops at HackerOne

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"With the future of work, there will be a persistence of people participating in meetings remotely. There need to be products that act as that context facilitator and discussion aligner. Even if we were in the office, we’d want a screen projecting Lucidspark and we’d want to use it as our workspace to drive the context and alignment around what we’re discussing. I think Lucidspark is off to a great start in terms of being a powerful product for the future of work."

Brad Rencher, CEO at BambooHR

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


Communicate and execute big-picture goals. Get aligned on strategic priorities and scale organizational processes.

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Clarify complex financial data with intelligent visuals. Create secure documentation and communicate with stakeholders.

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Visualize every step of complex operational processes to drive informed decision-making and optimize efficiency.

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See how HR optimizes the employee experience with Lucid

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