Empower legal teams to clarify complexity

Document, analyze, and communicate complex legal information to stakeholders with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Organize resources for optimal access.

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How legal teams use Lucid

Streamline litigation planning

Create a single source of truth for legal research and documents. Build timelines, flowcharts, and other demonstrative exhibits.

Allocate team resources

Easily track time spent on legal initiatives and manage busy workloads. Create team hubs and agendas to keep everyone aligned.

Create legal documentation

Map out data flows and detailed legal processes. Save time and drive alignment with data linking and other intelligent features.

Conduct visual analyses

Analyze everything from IP violations to competitor offerings. Use collaborative features to mark up contracts, identify discrepancies, and more.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Manage contract and vendor information to quantify risk and ensure compliance. Securely share information with key stakeholders.

“I guess the concept is a picture is worth a thousand words. That's literally what we're doing. We have a thousand words written, but the picture is what the client will understand because if I tell them that, when they pass away, their assets are divided between a marital trust and a family trust, they don’t get what that means. But when they see the picture, that explanation comes to life.”
- Frank Campbell - Partner at Holden & Campbell

Clarify complex legal information with Lucid

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