Elevate your engineering org and solve complex problems faster

Drive innovation and promote best practices in engineering teams with a platform that visually captures ideas, plans, and dependencies.

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Design and execute complex technical projects

Teams work in a visual, secure platform sharing notes, plans, timelines, and budgets to give input, gain buy-in, and meet goals.

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How engineers use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Solve problems as a team

Organize user requirements, prioritize features, and tag key contributors in an accessible platform that documents comments and decisions.

Follow best practices for project planning

Create project plans, org charts, and timelines to run efficient sprints, meet deadlines, maintain budgets, and share status with stakeholders.

Design successfully in hybrid environments

Keep hybrid teams aligned with data flow maps and database diagrams. Use pre-built templates to create and maintain design documentation.

Build and validate technical solutions

Implement designs, track progress, and validate architecture with centralized documentation that prepares teams for future optimizations.

Leo Ramsamy

Enterprise Architect

Not to pull a cliché, but I guess a picture's worth a thousand words. A good visual can help someone understand what’s in scope within 30 seconds of glancing at it, which expedites the next steps of how we create a solution.

Engineer exceptional solutions for complex problems

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