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See and understand the flow of ideas, systems, and processes in the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Make informed decisions faster to accelerate innovation.

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Turn complexity into possibility with intelligent visuals. Gain a deeper understanding of problems and how to solve them.

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How engineering teams use Lucid

Create step-by-step processes

Work together to brainstorm and diagram the steps of an algorithm. Use conditional formatting to add color for enhanced visual context.

Organize sprint planning

Make every aspect of your sprint visual—from prioritizing tasks to building timelines. Streamline tasks with Jira and Azure DevOps integrations.

Visualize your cloud architecture

Use AWS, Azure, and GCP shape libraries to design and document cloud architecture. Create templates to standardize diagrams.

Manage people and resources

Import HR data to create, visualize, and manage Scrum teams. Easily compare skills, titles, seniority, responsibilities, and more.

Create technical diagrams

Leverage the ERD shape library to visualize how entities relate to each other within a system. Easily design or debug relational databases.

"Lucidchart allows us to turn things over infinitely quicker. There was no way we could have handled our client load without Lucidchart."
- Tom Ricardo - Head of Cloud Architecture at Vandis

See how engineering teams turn complexity into clarity with Lucid

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