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Uncover your most creative ideas with visual collaboration and then transform these ideas into reality to delight customers, drive sales, and increase brand engagement.

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How marketing teams use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Collaboratively plan creative campaigns and events

Capture your team’s brightest ideas with an infinite virtual whiteboard. Then use interactive features like tagging and voting to synthesize ideas and prioritize next steps.

Easily visualize and optimize customer experiences

Start with pre-made templates for user journeys, personas, or empathy maps—or import data directly to build customizable site maps and visualize systems architecture.

Align cross-functional teams on project deliverables and status

Launch impactful marketing projects by keeping team members aligned with timelines, proactively identifying impediments, and visualizing milestones.

Document project plans and feedback for continuous improvement

Store project deliverables in one transparent place and easily record feedback via syncs and retrospectives so your team can learn, adapt, and innovate quickly as the market changes.

Simplify processes and approvals by visualizing workflows

Increase team efficiency and simplify complicated processes with flowcharts and diagrams for product roadmaps, email flows, lead generation, and more.

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Tom Smedes

Acquisition Marketing Manager

Using Lucidspark allows you to have something documented to continue to use throughout the project. You can start with initial sketches and ideas and then turn those into much more. It makes you more efficient and reduces the number of follow-up meetings and follow-up work.

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