Move your best marketing ideas forward

Use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite to brainstorm and launch campaigns that delight customers, drive revenue, and increase brand engagement.

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Work across teams to enable creative ideation and constructive feedback. Create a culture of connection, engagement, and productivity.

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How marketing teams use Lucid

Facilitate brainstorming sessions

Bring your team together in real time or anytime. Ideate, prioritize, and align on things like content themes and webinar topics.

Streamline strategic planning

Plan and track the work of cross-functional teams—everything from GTM campaigns and events to quarterly planning and email flows.

Create customer journey maps

Gain a clear understanding of your customers’ experience. Easily compare current and future states to optimize interactions and flows.

Get early design feedback

Create early-stage mockups, wireframes, and storyboards. Gather stakeholder feedback before moving on to polished designs.

Visualize your tech stack

Build architecture diagrams to better understand how systems interact. Identify opportunities to evolve and streamline your toolset.

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How GTM teams use Lucid blog post

Learn how go-to-market teams facilitate alignment.

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Webinar for non-technical users

See Lucid use cases for business and creative teams.

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Conducting creative sessions course

Level up your creative facilitation skills at your own pace.

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"Using Lucidspark allows you to have something documented to continue to use throughout the project. You can start with initial sketches and ideas and then turn those into much more. It makes you more efficient and reduces the number of follow-up meetings and follow-up work."

Tom Smedes - Acquisition Marketing Manager at EVBox

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“A picture is worth a thousand words. You can sit here and explain all you want, but if you just have them look at the visual, they can understand everything without you going on for hours about it."

Ida Barlow - Marketing Consultant at PlanSwift

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“I can say that Lucidchart plays a part in keeping a little over 60% of our recurring monthly revenue. Lucidchart helps us stay in communication with clients and constantly be a step ahead of them."

Tony Lael - Partner at Fannit

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.

Product and UX

Gather requirements and build roadmaps as you communicate your product vision across engineering and GTM teams.


Uncover valuable insights about your customers to create a collaborative selling environment and hit your targets.

Customer success

Streamline customer onboarding with mutual success plans to ensure a smooth, fast implementation process for every org.

See how marketing teams collaborate, innovate, and create with Lucid

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