Nail your Software Engineering Application: 7 tips to stand out and land an interview

Hanna Arntz

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If you’re on the job hunt, it’s likely you’ve applied to several roles and companies. You’ve carefully filled out applications, double and triple checked everything is correct, and then slowly pushed the “Submit Application” button. Woosh, there goes your application, but then what? If you’re like most people, then panic and questions immediately fill your head. Did I include the right information on my resume? Will they notice that typo I just noticed?! When will they get back to me? 

These seven tips will answer all your questions and help you confidently apply to engineering jobs. Lucid receives thousands of applications a year, many for our engineering roles. Our interview process is rigorous and starts with a thorough review of your resume and application. You can take our advice as you apply to engineering jobs in general, but these tips will help be especially helpful as you apply to engineering positions here at Lucid. 

  1. Include your GPA. When searching through hundreds of resumes, the recruiting team will use this number to get a glimpse into your performance at school and possible performance in the workplace. Don’t leave it off, even if it’s not as high as you would like. No listed GPA will lead to an automatic rejection.   
  2. Include education details. School and degree details are a good start, but make sure to also include graduation month and year (even if it’s just an expected date). This will help us see how you will fit into our hiring for the coming year. Even if you graduated decades ago, don’t forget this step! 
  3. Work Experience > Projects. School and personal projects are a great way to put into practice the technical skills you’ve learned, but we’re even more interested in seeing your work experience. This will show us your ability to not only perform technically, but also thrive in an environment outside of school. 
  4. Phone a friend. Double and triple check that your resume is free of typos and written in a clear and concise format. After you’ve done your own review, ask a friend to take a look. A fresh pair of eyes will always lead to better results and catch small details you may have missed.  
  5. Be intentional. An application to every open role will leave the team wondering what you want in your career and will likely lead to a rejection. If you have been rejected in the past, take the time to learn and grow before applying again. 
  6. Be patient. You will hear from someone on the recruiting team within 3 business days of your application. While you wait, learn about our company culture and values
  7. See who you know. Check your network and see who you know who is already on the team at Lucid. Having someone you can reach out to, ask questions, and maybe even refer you will always lead to greater success in the application process.  

If you take only one thing from this, remember this—prepare. A well prepared resume coupled with a carefully filled out application will have you joining the Lucid team in no time!

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