The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite: Launching Lucidscale

Stephane Akoki

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The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite brings together Lucidspark, Lucidchart, and Lucidscale to help teams conceptualize, visualize, plan, execute, and document complex tech projects. Today I want to tell you more about the newest component of the suite, Lucidscale.

What is Lucidscale? 

Lucidscale is a cloud visualization solution that enables architects and cloud developers to automatically visualize their infrastructure. A cloud visualization is a visual representation of an IT environment built upon on-demand computer system resources, commonly known as the cloud.

Why we developed Lucidscale 

Lucid recently brought the power of cloud visualization into Lucidchart branded as Cloud Insights. Cloud Insights launched early January 2020 and enabled hundreds of customers to model and understand their cloud environment. 

Lucidchart Cloud Insights evolved tremendously by adding full support to all 3 major cloud providers, AWS, GCP and Azure. As we continued developing Lucidchart Cloud Insights, it became very clear that the technical foundation Lucidchart provided had limitations that could only be overcome through redesigning of our entire data paradigm. When we brought the team together to brainstorm the future of the product and new capabilities we wanted to bring our customers the consensus was the time had come for Lucidchart Cloud Insights to be an independent resource and take Lucidchart’s technical paradigm to a place that no other development team had done before. 

The journey from Lucidchart Cloud Insights to Lucidscale

The idea of launching a new product was daunting, but we were as a team ready to meet the challenge. The team got right at work and within a few months we had an early version of the Lucidscale editor. Our first dedicated editor with features solely focused on the power of visualizing cloud data. We all cheered and felt excited about the prospect of building this new incredible product, where we could bring our customers the most incredible innovations in cloud visualization. 

Bringing major innovations to Lucidscale

One of the challenges of building Lucidscale was creating a platform that would enable features that our customers have been wanting for a very long time. Some of those functionalities included the ability to automatically refresh a diagram and leveraging Lucidchart APIs to trigger key actions within the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. 

Unlocking those features required us to create an entire new data paradigm. In Lucidchart Cloud Insights the data and the diagram were always tied to one single entity. But with Lucidscale, we split those two entities and introduced the Data Hub. Now Lucid customers can leverage the power of visualization within the suite. This transition required the expertise of the brightest engineers across the company. 

Lucidscale’s design leverages the power of Step Functions and other AWS serverless services. Such a system had never been used before at Lucid, and we are excited to share that expertise and experience with the rest of the  company. These innovations are paving the way for even more incredible development within Lucidscale. 

Celebrating Lucidscale’s launch

The team’s incredible accomplishments in launching Lucidscale did not go unnoticed by the company. Every employee received a gift package containing a Lucidscale shirt! A celebration was organized to reward those who had contributed to the success of the launch. The awards were given by all the members of the executive team that had gracefully dressed up to meet the party’s Star Wars dress code expectations. The excitement was great and every team member expressed their gratitude for the bonds that had developed throughout the launch of this incredible product. The launch of Lucidscale was exciting, but we are even more excited about the capabilities that Lucid can now deliver to our customers. 


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Lucid Software is a pioneer and leader in visual collaboration dedicated to helping teams build the future. With its products—Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale—teams are supported from ideation to execution and are empowered to align around a shared vision, clarify complexity, and collaborate visually, no matter where they are. Lucid is proud to serve top businesses around the world, including customers such as Google, GE, and NBC Universal, and 99% of the Fortune 500. Lucid partners with industry leaders, including Google, Atlassian, and Microsoft. Since its founding, Lucid has received numerous awards for its products, business, and workplace culture. For more information, visit

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