Visual collaboration

Increase clarity, alignment, and efficiency through visuals. Learn best practices from the team that pioneered the visual collaboration industry.

  • A step-by-step strategic planning guide

    Tired of theoretical planning resources? You’re in the right place. Here’s our actionable strategic planning guide.


    • Collaboration skills
    • Visual collaboration
  • Best practices for using Lucid and Slack together

    The Lucid Slack integration allows you to stay on top of your documents and streamline collaboration so that you can maximize productivity for yourself and your team.

  • Looking to modernize legacy systems? Simplify the process with visuals.

    When faced with modernizing a legacy system, the process can feel daunting. Visuals can help add much-needed clarity.

  • The customer success team’s toolkit for effortless documentation

    Here are 20+ Lucid templates to get you started on making your customer success team’s documentation processes effortless.

  • Bring new value to visual collaboration with 3D viewers

    Combine visual collaboration with 3D viewers to collaborate on a shared, infinite canvas while also viewing and interacting with 3D models in real time.

  • 5 ways visuals drive better decisions to build better products

    Serious about building the future? Then ditch outdated communication methods and use visuals to drive innovation.

  • What makes Lucid the most intelligent visual collaboration platform—and why does it matter?

    From data-backed visualizations to automation and AI, find out what makes Lucid the most intelligent visual collaboration platform.

  • The marketing team’s toolkit for effortless documentation [+ marketing templates]

    Get 20+ marketing templates to visualize your workflow, from ideation to execution.

  • Hidden costs of Miro: Why Lucid is more cost-effective

    Miro and Lucid are two big names in the visual collaboration space, but which one wins in terms of cost-effectiveness?

  • The operations team’s toolkit for effortless documentation

    Lucid is here to make documentation seamless for operations teams with this template toolkit.

  • How fostering creativity in the workplace drives productivity

    Facilitating creative thinking in business is an effective way to increase productivity. Learn how it’s done here.

  • How to actually increase productivity in the workplace

    Busy doesn’t mean productive. Use these four strategies to increase workplace productivity.

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