Product development

Today’s teams need a modern approach to building products. Get the latest advice on agile development, innovation, product documentation, and more.

  • How to develop an efficient innovation process

    Bringing new ideas to life is not a linear process. Let’s examine the phases of innovation and review actionable tips for making them more efficient.


    • Product development
  • How to turn your document repository into an innovation repository

    Not all document repositories will help you innovate. Find out how to create one that boosts alignment and creativity here.

  • A step-by-step guide to value stream management

    Value stream management can help teams accelerate product delivery, exceed customer expectations, and support their business agility journey. Learn how in this step-by-step guide.

  • 5 ways visuals drive better decisions to build better products

    Serious about building the future? Then ditch outdated communication methods and use visuals to drive innovation.

  • How Lucid’s product and UX teams use Lucid to drive innovation

    Discover how Lucid’s own product and UX teams use Lucid to keep us on the cutting-edge of the technical industry.

  • How Lucid engineers use Lucid to collaborate across the entire software development lifecycle

    Learn how Lucid’s engineering teams use Lucid to collaborate better, solve problems quickly, and innovate continuously.

  • The FOCUS framework: How product teams can use Lucid to deliver value

    Here are challenges facing product teams today—and a framework that can help you overcome them to deliver more value with less.

  • 3 ways Lucid accelerates innovation for R&D teams

    R&D teams need ways to innovate faster, and Lucid’s visual collaboration is the solution. Learn more here.

  • Announcing new Lucid resources to support developers

    Learn how to build tailored integrations with Lucid and get support on complex projects with Lucid’s developer community.

  • 8 common product innovation mistakes (and what to do instead)

    Learn how to avoid common product innovation mistakes with insights from Lucid’s Jeff Rosenbaugh and Christopher Bailey.

  • Guide: How to use an innovation framework to turn ideas into action

    Don't leave innovation up to chance. Learn how to use Lucid’s innovation framework to make innovation a repeatable, scalable occurrence.

  • Agile Manifesto co-author James Grenning on the importance of documentation

    In this interview, Agile Manifesto co-author James Grenning discusses how modern-day Agile teams can strike the right balance on documentation to work efficiently.

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