Digital transformation

Build resilience and accelerate digitization efforts with guidance on business agility, change management, and organizational alignment.

  • How business agility transformation can help your bottom line (+ tips for success)

    In this blog post, we review a few tips for developing an agile business model. Read about agile business strategies and benefits to transform your business.


    • Digital transformation
    • Agile
  • 4 strategies to improve the customer experience for citizens

    Public sector organizations are being asked to improve the citizen experience. Here are four strategies to get you started.

  • 5 organizational change management strategies for a modern workforce

    Organizational change management is complex. Learn from Lucid’s experts on how to pull off a company-wide shift.

  • How to execute a successful cloud migration strategy [+ checklist]

    Clarify the complexity of cloud migration with this checklist—complete with tips for increasing visibility and alignment in the process.

  • [Guide] Cloud cost optimization strategies to increase visibility and alignment

    Uncover the necessary—but often overlooked—strategies to gain complete cloud visibility, reach alignment, and reduce cloud costs.

  • The engineer’s toolkit for effortless documentation

    To get you started with collaborating visually and documenting as you go, we’ve compiled a toolkit of templates for common engineering use cases. 

  • Using AI throughout a project workflow: 5 common challenges solved by AI

    Here are five common business challenges and how AI helps solve them.

  • Looking to modernize legacy systems? Simplify the process with visuals.

    When faced with modernizing a legacy system, the process can feel daunting. Visuals can help add much-needed clarity.

  • Bring new value to visual collaboration with 3D viewers

    Combine visual collaboration with 3D viewers to collaborate on a shared, infinite canvas while also viewing and interacting with 3D models in real time.

  • Digital transformation in the public sector: 4 strategies for increasing clarity, alignment, and adaptability

    Learn how to create clarity, alignment, and adaptability to accelerate digital transformation.

  • The public sector's toolkit for effortless documentation

    A modern documentation process is the key to accelerating innovation for public sector teams. Learn more here.

  • Lucid in action: Achieving operational efficiency with Lucid professional services

    Here's how Lucid professional services helped three customers launch customized solutions for navigating bottlenecks, optimizing team capacity, and modeling their business systems.

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