Hybrid work

Effectively enabling a hybrid workforce requires new skills, tools, and approaches. Learn how to stay competitive, no matter where your team is working from.

  • How to improve team alignment by overcoming the greatest barriers

    What’s actually getting in the way of team alignment? Uncover the greatest barriers here and get tips to overcome them.


    • Hybrid work
    • Visual collaboration
  • [Guide] How to improve team collaboration by mastering team coordination

    Learn how to improve team collaboration by first mastering team coordination. Here are five ways to get started.

  • How Agile teams can prioritize “individuals and interactions” in a hybrid environment

    Agile Manifesto co-authors and practitioners share how teams can prioritize individuals and interactions when hybrid.

  • Experiencing hybrid work whiplash? Survey reveals key gaps in enabling hybrid teams

    Lucid’s latest survey shows that the greatest hybrid work problem is not an organization’s policy but rather the lack of training and enablement.

  • The most important workplace collaboration skills today (with tips and courses to improve)

    Get tips, resources, and courses to improve the most important collaboration skills in today’s complex, hybrid workforce.

  • How to sustain the Agile Manifesto values in today’s workforce

    Get expert tips on upholding each Agile Manifesto value in complex, hybrid working environments.

  • [Guide] How to set up your hybrid workplace to maximize collaboration

    Every team is a hybrid team. Learn how to set up your hybrid workplace with the right office design and culture to maximize collaboration.

  • Digital collaboration reimagined: A new approach for aligning teams

    Whether your teams are in-office, remote, or hybrid, learn why digital-first collaboration is the key to alignment.

  • A guide to achieving organizational alignment

    Recognizing the importance of organizational alignment is easy—achieving it isn't. Explore our best tips to start.

  • Lessons learned from remote work that you should bring back to the office

    Here are six lessons we’ve learned from remote work that you should bring with you to the office.

  • The definitive big room planning guide (+ a template toolkit)

    Struggling with big room planning? Lucid has the definitive guide, including a step-by-step walkthrough and template toolkit.

  • Why a return-to-office policy isn't a silver bullet to business problems

    Looking to increase productivity, collaboration, and innovation? Focus on how teams work together—not where.

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