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  • Experiencing hybrid work whiplash? Survey reveals key gaps in enabling hybrid teams

    Lucid’s latest survey shows that the greatest hybrid work problem is not an organization’s policy but rather the lack of training and enablement.


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  • The most important workplace collaboration skills today (with tips and courses to improve)

    Get tips, resources, and courses to improve the most important collaboration skills in today’s complex, hybrid workforce.

  • 4 strategies to improve the customer experience for citizens

    Public sector organizations are being asked to improve the citizen experience. Here are four strategies to get you started.

  • The dos and don’ts of agile documentation

    The solution to better documentation isn’t going back to how documentation was approached in the Waterfall days. Teams need to embrace agile documentation that’s visual, living, and adaptable.

  • How to sustain the Agile Manifesto values in today’s workforce

    Get expert tips on upholding each Agile Manifesto value in complex, hybrid working environments.

  • How to develop an efficient innovation process

    Bringing new ideas to life is not a linear process. Let’s examine the phases of innovation and review actionable tips for making them more efficient.

  • A facilitator’s guide to meeting equity

    Conducting an equitable meeting requires preparation. Learn more about how to facilitate meeting equity in this article.

  • 5 tips for collaborating cross-functionally with confidence

    Cross-functional collaboration is a skill set that can and should be improved! This article explains how to do that.

  • 4 ways to improve collaboration with automation

    Learn how to make collaboration seamless across your org with automation.

  • [Guide] How to set up your hybrid workplace to maximize collaboration

    Every team is a hybrid team. Learn how to set up your hybrid workplace with the right office design and culture to maximize collaboration.

  • Digital collaboration reimagined: A new approach for aligning teams

    Whether your teams are in-office, remote, or hybrid, learn why digital-first collaboration is the key to alignment.

  • Improving operational efficiency in the public sector with Lucid

    Efficiency requires modern collaboration. Learn how to streamline processes, align on decisions, and save hours on documentation.

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