We can help you visualize, plan, and build your business

As organizations adapt to the constantly evolving business landscape, we aim to help teams collaborate effectively, get and stay aligned, and make complexity clearer.

Our story

Co-founders Ben Dilts and Karl Sun launched Lucidchart in 2010. Since then, Lucid has added additional products to its suite. Today, millions of people at thousands of companies use Lucid to collaborate visually.

Our story

Who we are

We’ve built a leading end-to-end Visual Collaboration Suite that helps teams see and build the future from idea to reality

Our values

It’s our employees that make our culture and values what they are: teamwork, innovation, autonomy, and excellence in all that we do.

Join our team

Who’s at the helm?

Talented founders, skilled executives, and passionate builders lead the way. Together, they’re changing the way teams collaborate.

Meet our leaders

We’re global

Lucid is a hybrid, remote-friendly workforce. Our headquarters are in Utah, but we also have offices in North Carolina, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.

Thousands of use cases

From industry-leading brands to entrepreneurs, Lucid gives teams, departments, and organizations in a wide variety of industries a place to dream, plan, and build visually.

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