Hybrid work

Effectively enabling a hybrid workforce requires new skills, tools, and approaches. Learn how to stay competitive, no matter where your team is working from.

  • How fostering creativity in the workplace drives productivity

    Facilitating creative thinking in business is an effective way to increase productivity. Learn how it’s done here.


    • Hybrid work
    • Visual collaboration
  • How to actually increase productivity in the workplace

    Busy doesn’t mean productive. Use these four strategies to increase workplace productivity.

  • Digital transformation in the public sector: 4 strategies for increasing clarity, alignment, and adaptability

    Learn how to create clarity, alignment, and adaptability to accelerate digital transformation.

  • How to increase meeting engagement with Lucid—without increasing meeting quantity

    If you feel like hybrid meeting distraction is keeping your team from reaching its creative or strategic potential, consider applying some of these techniques.

  • Lucid in action: Paving a clear path to organizational transparency with Lucid professional services

    Here’s how Lucid has helped three companies turn transparency into a reality with visual clarity-and unlock massive efficiencies in the way they communicate, plan, build, and report.

  • 5 benefits of using visual collaboration for asynchronous work

    Learn why visual collaboration is the key to making asynchronous collaboration more effective and efficient.

  • How to strengthen team morale and engagement with better collaboration

    Here’s how a few leaders and builders in the collaboration space are building stronger team cohesion and morale.

  • How to use Lucid to strengthen remote and hybrid collaboration

    Learn how to supercharge your collaboration skills and drive better results using Lucid.

  • Rethinking the meeting mindset: How to decide if you actually need a meeting

    Use these guidelines to reduce costly meetings, improve efficiency, and boost collaboration across your organization.

  • Asynchronous collaboration tips from 4 organizations making it happen

    Check out these experts’ proven tips for working more efficiently and effectively through asynchronous collaboration.

  • Asynchronous collaboration guide: How to improve team collaboration without another meeting

    Learn how to build an asynchronous collaboration strategy that increases efficiency, engagement, and innovation.

  • Why it’s important to adapt your product delivery strategy in a hybrid environment

    In this article, we’ll explore how to adapt your agile strategies in a hybrid environment.

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