Visual collaboration

Increase clarity, alignment, and efficiency through visuals. Learn best practices from the team that pioneered the visual collaboration industry.

  • 4 strategies to improve the customer experience for citizens

    Public sector organizations are being asked to improve the citizen experience. Here are four strategies to get you started.


    • Digital transformation
    • Visual collaboration
  • The dos and don’ts of agile documentation

    The solution to better documentation isn’t going back to how documentation was approached in the Waterfall days. Teams need to embrace agile documentation that’s visual, living, and adaptable.

  • Journey to Agile: 5 implementation challenges to prepare for

    Here are some common Agile adoption challenges you may encounter across your organization.

  • How Lucid’s customer success teams use Lucid to maximize collaboration

    See how Lucid’s customer success teams use Lucid to create mutual success plans, build learning maps, and improve customer support processes.

  • [Guide] Cloud cost optimization strategies to increase visibility and alignment

    Uncover the necessary—but often overlooked—strategies to gain complete cloud visibility, reach alignment, and reduce cloud costs.

  • How data-driven visuals can cure spreadsheet fatigue and inform business decisions

    In today’s data-saturated world, it’s more important than ever to clarify crucial information with powerful visuals.

  • Why divergent thinking is probably your most underutilized resource (and how to change that)

    Divergent thinking provides limitless opportunities to boost value. And you're probably underutilizing it.

  • How to turn your document repository into an innovation repository

    Not all document repositories will help you innovate. Find out how to create one that boosts alignment and creativity here.

  • The HR team’s template toolkit for effortless documentation

    Get access to 19 templates designed to help HR teams visualize and streamline their documentation process.

  • The sales team’s toolkit for effortless documentation

    Get access to 20 templates specifically designed to optimize and visualize sales teams’ documentation processes here!

  • A guide to achieving organizational alignment

    Recognizing the importance of organizational alignment is easy—achieving it isn't. Explore our best tips to start.

  • 5 visual collaboration trends to watch out for in 2024

    2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for visual collaboration. Learn about 5 emerging trends to watch out for.

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