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Lucid is the leader in visual collaboration for enterprise and hybrid teams of all sizes.

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See the future. Then build it together.

Innovate faster with virtual whiteboarding, intelligent diagramming, and cloud visualization.

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Work side by side when you can’t be face to face. Turn hybrid meetings into productive working sessions.

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Visualize complex problems so you can quickly see how to solve them. Easily compare present and future states.

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Accelerate projects with a shared visual language. Get your team on the same page and focus on how to get the job done.

Lucid for every need

Collaborate visually to accomplish everything from small tasks to company-wide initiatives.

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New product development

Bring new products to market with a shared visual understanding that spans across teams.

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Cloud migration

Visualize your current cloud infrastructure. Plan future migrations and improvements with clear, collaborative models.

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Digital transformation

Accelerate the development of new operations. Modify massive processes, tools, workplace experiences, and customer journeys.

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Our platform

All Lucid products are built on the same underlying technology, which provides enterprise-level security and supports rapid feature releases.

Our products

Lucid products support every part of your workflow. Drive revenue, decrease costs, and improve productivity.

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Your virtual whiteboard. Connect teams and turn your best ideas into reality.

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Your intelligent diagramming application. Get your team together and start building the future.

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Your cloud visualization solution. Automatically generate diagrams of your cloud architecture.

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Lucid is the new way to collaborate

  • Visual collaboration is how modern teams can innovate faster.

  • Lucid makes it easy to brainstorm with your team, understand complexity, and build better products.

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Visual collaboration is how modern teams can innovate faster.

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