Facilitation workout: How to read the room and lead better meetings


profile picture of Emilia Breton

Emilia Breton

Enterprise Agile coach

profile picture of Simon Macpherson

Simon Macpherson

Enterprise Agile coach

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About the speakers

Emilia Breton is a natural-born Agile thinker who was on her first agile team in 1999 as an XP developer. After the dot-com bust, she became a PM and finally managed to swim out of the waterfall in 2005. As an Agile Coach, she is constantly looking for new ways to build better software and make the world a better place. As a passionate gamer, she believes that teams who play together can accomplish anything.

Simon Macpherson is an Agile coach who brings professional coaching and his playfulness into facilitation. He creates containers for the conversation needing to happen—where analytical thinking can meet the power of emotional intelligence and relationship systems intelligence. His work-life experience stretches across a variety of backgrounds: retail, manufacturing and engineering, hospitality, and finally software development. As an Agile Coach, with long-term practice in telecommunications, healthcare, travel and leisure, insurance, and banking, it has always been about the people.

To set yourself up well for this webinar, check out our conversation with Marsha Acker on demand to hear why facilitation is an essential skill for today's leaders.

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