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This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid subscription.

Work collaboratively by visualizing your enterprise architecture


LeanIX is an enterprise architecture management tool that shows you the full scope of your software estate and helps you make better decisions faster.
Enterprise architects can enhance strategic IT planning by visualizing actionable solution architecture. Simply embed Lucidchart documents in LeanIX, or convert LeanIX diagrams into Lucidchart documents. Available as a third diagram type in LeanIX, Lucidchart helps you map out application architecture, business architecture, IT processes, data flows, and more without leaving your primary EA tool. There’s no installation required—simply log in, and you can start a new Lucidchart document right in LeanIX or pull up your documents list to embed an existing diagram.
Take advantage of our visual workspace—without having to duplicate your previous work. If you have already created diagrams using the basic functionality in LeanIX, you can save time and effortlessly import your work to Lucidchart.

Key features

  • Create new Lucidchart diagrams directly from the LeanIX platform.
  • Embed Lucidchart diagrams in LeanIX.
  • Convert LeanIX diagrams into Lucidchart documents.

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