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Loom is a video messaging platform with the vision of empowering effective communication, wherever work happens. Trust Loom + Lucid to share feedback, process changes or updates, training, and more—asynchronously and confidently, every day.
Make, embed, or play video recordings in your Lucid documents and feel confident knowing your message, tone of voice, direction, or explanation is captured—without a long-winded email or unnecessary meetings. Ensure documents stand on their own, allowing teams to stay aligned and move projects forward in a hybrid/ remote work environment.

Key features

  • Quickly record videos of your screen and camera.
  • Embed or play the finished recording in Lucidchart, Lucidspark, or Lucidscale.
  • Trim videos and recordings to keep messaging succinct.

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Helpful resources

How to record videos with Loom

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Video: Loom + Lucid

Template: Brainstorming with Loom

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