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Lucid Cards for Google Sheets

by Lucid Software


Integrates with:

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This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid subscription.


Google Sheets allows teams to create and collaborate on online spreadsheets in real time from any device. Comments and action items help teams stay aligned and keep projects moving, and edits automatically save to ensure that everyone always works on the latest version. Google Sheets connects seamlessly with other Google apps and external tools.
Lucid Cards for Google Sheets allows you to make your work visual, turning rows of spreadsheets into customizable Cards. By importing rows from Google Sheets as Lucid Cards, Lucidspark becomes a working space for brainstorming, organizing and assigning tasks, and collaborating. Sort and gather Cards to prioritize work and turn ideas into action.

Key features

  • Import rows in Google Sheets as Lucid Cards in Lucidspark.
  • Vote on and prioritize Cards to keep work moving forward.
  • Tag, gather, and sort Cards to organize your work visually.

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