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Microsoft PowerPoint helps you make powerful and customizable slides and presentations that stand out. With PowerPoint, you can create professional slideshows with text, images, and multimedia. Its features make it easy to collaborate and share your work with others. Plus, it's part of the Microsoft Office suite, so it integrates seamlessly with other Office applications.

Now you can enhance your slideshows by adding Lucid documents to your PowerPoint presentations. When you enrich your slides with diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, and whiteboards, you can communicate more effectively and keep everyone engaged and aligned.

Key features

  • Enrich your PowerPoint presentations with visuals you create in Lucid products.
  • Embed flowcharts, wireframes, diagrams, whiteboards, and more directly into your slides.
  • Link PowerPoint presentations in your Lucid documents as a thumbnail you can refresh and expand.

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