Our mission

We help teams see and build the future.

Our vision

Every great product, service, team, and company has one thing in common: passionate builders.

When working with vision and big dreams, builders work relentlessly to transform mere ideas into reality, turning the world’s insurmountable challenges into our greatest victories.

And in a world that’s full of complexity, the need is greater than ever for builders to succeed and see their ideas through.

So we’re bringing builders to the forefront, challenging the fragmented status quo, and amplifying the world’s best ideas with the power of clarity, shared vision, and visuals.

We’re distilling complexity into clarity so that together, we can see and build the future.

Where it all began

In 2010, Ben Dilts and Karl Sun launched Lucidchart, the first product aimed at end-to-end visual collaboration. Lucid has quickly responded to market needs and grown into the only visual collaboration suite on the market, helping teams look to—and innovate for—the future.

As co-founders of Lucid, it’s no surprise that Ben and Karl are the only names in this story. But they’ll be the first to tell you this isn’t about them. This is much bigger, and we’re just getting started.

Go digital, or die

Businesses around the world are under immense pressure to adopt digital technologies that alter how work gets done, what gets built, and how they support customers.

In order to make agile, impactful changes, companies must cut through the clutter, complexity, and confusion of the current state of their business. Otherwise, you’ll be inundated with roadblocks that make it impossible to innovate at the speed and with the quality necessary to stay relevant—and competitive—in today’s markets.

Flash forward to the future

We help teams build the future faster with the power of end-to-end visual collaboration—where they can see and communicate what needs to be built, from initial idea through execution.

Text → visual

Work more effectively by swapping text-heavy documents and spreadsheets for visuals—a natural way of thinking and working that supports project scale across projects, teams, and distributed offices.

Complex → clear

Cut through the clutter and complexity of multiple systems, processes, data, and stakeholders to get a clearer understanding of current states and future states, allowing teams to sprint forward with clarity and purpose.

Siloed → connected

Break the habit of smaller, specialized teams working in silos. Keep workflows collaborative and transparent so everyone understands how their work fits into the bigger picture, even as information and work shifts between teams.

Remote → together

Don’t let location, time zone, or language differences leave teams fragmented and incapable of building the future. Unite remote teams so they can work effectively together, no matter where teammates are.

Misaligned → aligned

Progress and innovation are stunted by incomplete understanding, misalignment, and confusion. Align teams and keep them moving forward with shared understanding, confidence, and clear communication.

Lost ideas → best options

Before, many of the best ideas get lost amid confusion and became the one that got away. Now, you can bring your best ideas forward—the ones that help illuminate a clear picture of the best path forward.

A company built on our mission

Since 2010, Lucid has been on a mission to empower teams and companies of any size, in any location to see where they are today and where they need to go next, in order to build a better future for us all.

See why millions use Lucid to collaborate visually.

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