Increasing team effectiveness: Taking the fear out of feedback


profile picture of Brent Barton

Brent Barton

Director Agile Delivery, Salesforce

profile picture of Bryan Stallings

Bryan Stallings

Chief Evangelist, Lucid


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why feedback is more than performance insights.
  • How the agile principles can promote effective feedback between team members.
  • How to create a culture where feedback can positively impact immediate outcomes.
  • What strategies, including timing and perspectives, are best to champion real change.

About the speakers

Brent Barton

In Brent's own words, "I make things happen: companies, products, and solutions. I am at my best when I am part of a team." As Director Agile Delivery, Brent helps Salesforce continue its leading position and evolve its use of modern, lean-agile methods, creating solutions to address scale, speed, and diversity. Additionally, he’s led consulting teams that result in transformational achievements for clients that have been referenced in books and publications. Brent helps team members become their best selves through coaching, mentoring, and training programs.

Bryan Stallings

Bryan Stallings is the Chief Evangelist for Lucid. Bryan is tasked with sharing all he has learned about individual and team effectiveness from more than 20 years spent bringing people together in the workplace. Bryan engages with recognized thought leaders to share their insights on the subjects of agility, collaboration, facilitation, teaming, and workplace culture. Additionally, Bryan creates clarity within the product organization about end-user perspectives and corresponding product features.

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