Lucidchart + Quickbase: From ideation to application


profile picture of Nashmia Burney

Nashmia Burney

Manager of the Solutions Consulting team at Quickbase

profile picture of Brint Markle

Brint Markle

Sr. Director, Business Development at Lucid


During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How the Lucidchart and Quickbase integration helps teams collaborate and build applications that users love
  • How customers are using the integration to deliver value faster
  • How to transfer a database diagram created in Lucidchart to the Quickbase platform

About the speakers

Brint Markle is an experienced entrepreneur, founder, and business leader based in Park City, UT. Brint is currently Sr. Director of Business Development at Lucid, a visual collaboration suite that helps teams see and build the future. At Lucid, Brint leads a variety of product partnerships and integrations with partners such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Atlassian, and Slack. Brint was the Co-Founder and CEO of Mountain Hub (delta v 2013), which was acquired by Mammut Sports Group in 2018. Brint completed his MBA at MIT Sloan where he was an Anderson Fellow. Prior to MIT, Brint worked at Bain & Company and founded Rival Magazine, the first intercollegiate publication between Duke & UNC.

Nashmia Burney leads and manages the Solutions Consulting team for partners and international business at Quickbase. She is also a former Quickbase customer with an extensive project management and business analysis background. She has worked as a Staff Solutions Consultant at Quickbase, having solved a multitude of problems spanning over various use cases and apps with a mission to enable those closest to their work to do the same, and has never looked back!​

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