Living documentation for evolving businesses

Business moves pretty fast these days, and it’s getting harder to produce documentation that actually gets everyone on the same page. But with Lucid, you can create documentation that’s living—always up to date, forever accessible, and totally natural. Documentation makes itself when you collaborate visually in Lucid.

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Living blueprints: The new way to document anything

Take the pain and inconvenience out of creating and maintaining documentation with these guides.

Create effective documentation for your team with no extra work

Create effective documentation for your team with no extra work

When you work visually in Lucid, documentation is created the moment you collaborate. It works for all innovative teams.

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The step-by-step guide to managing value streams

The step-by-step guide to managing value streams

Be ready to pivot and adapt as the market shifts. Bridge silos and enable collaboration by understanding your value streams.

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Hassle-free documentation is possible

Hassle-free documentation is possible

With this toolkit, you’ll have what you need to easily make documentation that always stays up to date.

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Quiz: What’s your collaboration style?

Quiz: What’s your collaboration style?

If your whole team answers these 6 questions, you’ll understand how to better collaborate and communicate with each other.

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The easiest way to document how your business works

The easiest way to document how your business works

Don’t lose valuable knowledge within your own company. Save time (and money) by learning how to document organically.

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Tackle bigger, more complex business challenges

Tackle bigger, more complex business challenges

This 451 Research report shows how visual collaboration and living documentation help you solve your biggest obstacles.

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“Lucidchart is absolutely required for our process now. I don’t know how we would get this information ready and in front of the executive team without the use of this tool. We are very excited about this process and how it is working for us.”

Kunal Arora - Senior Program Manager at DocuSign

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“Lucidspark gives us the tools to be able to collaborate more effectively and visually. One of the advantages that we have over a whiteboard is that now we get to keep the board, and we get to keep working on it, no matter where we are… It can become a living artifact that we can keep evolving.”

Justin Donlon - VP of Process Innovation & Analytics at CarGurus

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“Lucidchart makes it easier to convey information quickly, preventing a need for back-and-forth to clarify specifics around what we try to convey with documentation. It really helps to reduce the amount of time that has to go towards communicating ideas and plans around complex systems.”

James Beveridge - Product Director at Dun & Bradstreet

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How to create future-proof documentation naturally

collaboration illustration

See things in a new way with visual collaboration

Collaborating on a digital canvas means every idea, plan, and decision is documented and easily understood.

alignment illustration

Align your team in fast-changing markets

Everyone can have the context they need. Create a record of your team’s innovative processes, ideas, and information.

clarity illustration

Turn complexity into clarity

Automatically turn gigantic data sets into clear visuals. Share them with all teams in just a few clicks.

Create living documentation for your evolving business

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