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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps organizations of all sizes accelerate their digital transformation and take advantage of all the benefits of cloud computing. GCP provides computing, storage, and networking services to help businesses and organizations build and run applications and websites. GCP has all the tools you need to develop, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure, including data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
With Lucidscale, you can visualize multiple components of your GCP cloud architecture by automatically generating dynamic diagrams. Focus on specific projects, instance groups, Compute Engine instances, labels, and more to help your organization better govern the cloud. Lucidscale makes it easier for teams to maintain accurate documentation, visualize and leverage key data, plan for the future, and communicate effectively with key stakeholders.

Key features

  • Automatically visualize your GCP infrastructure.
  • Customize your views based on cloud data.
  • See your data in context with visuals.

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How to import and manage GCP infrastructure data

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