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Nextpond enables businesses to gauge customer feedback while establishing clear processes that foster first-rate customer experience and procedural clarity. Facilitating business growth and a premium customer experience ensures every team member of a business knows the optimal way to get things done and how it should occur.
Nextpond offers an integration with Lucidchart to see the “to-do” of workflow charting, tying in with the “how-to” of Nextpond processes in one user-friendly space. Together, they offer business operators and their teams a complete picture of not only what needs to be done but how to complete the actions that make it happen.

Key features

  • Set up a new Lucidchart account or link an existing one in Nextpond.
  • Link Lucidchart documents to Nextpond workflows.
  • Nextpond workflows direct users through step-by-step guidance so completing a task is quick and easy

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