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Organize knowledge, manage projects, share ideas, and document processes all in one place


Nuclino is a team collaboration software that provides teams with a space to bring together knowledge, documents, and projects.
Share knowledge with your team by embedding Lucidchart documents into Nuclino. Simply create a public link for your document and paste it inside the editor of a Nuclino item. If your team already uses Nuclino as your knowledge base, you can start embedding flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams, and other visuals right away. This integration doesn’t require configuration—it’s enabled by default for every Nuclino user.
Just follow these extremely easy steps:

  1. Create a public link for your diagram.
  2. Paste the link inside the editor of any Nuclino item.
    That’s it—now you’re ready to work visually within Nuclino.

Key features

  • Embed Lucidchart diagrams into Nuclino.
  • Align teams with a single source of truth.
  • Easily work visually, wherever you are.

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