Conflict competence: How to work through and learn from disputes


profile picture of Samantha Denning

Samantha Denning

Certified executive coach


During this webinar, you’ll gain tools and strategies to:

  • Reframe conflict as an opportunity to improve and build relationships.
  • Create a safe space to handle conflict.
  • Establish a conflict protocol.

Use these resources to approach conflict in a new way:

About the speaker

Samantha Denning believes that the quality of our interactions and relationships dictates the quality of our lives, and this is the foundation of her passion and life's work: helping individuals and teams improve the quality of their lives and communication, thus building more productive and connected relationships. As a professional coach, mediator, and facilitator, Samantha provides customized support and solutions to a wide range of diverse and influential individuals and organizations. The tools and strategies she shares helps her clients to successfully navigate complex challenges and circumstances, while increasing their capacity to lead with greater impact and influence.

Additional information and credentials:

Co-Active Certified Coach, CPCC

Co-Active Leadership

Justice Institute of British Columbia: Certification In Mediation

Justice Institute of British Columbia: Certification in Conflict Coaching

Scrum Alliance: Certified Scrum Master

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