Strengthening team cohesion and morale


profile picture of Malte Scholz

Malte Scholz

Founder, CEO, and CPO, airfocus

profile picture of Humberto Ayres

Humberto Ayres

Founder and CEO, Rows

profile picture of Jessica Guistolise

Jessica Guistolise

Evangelist, Lucid


Join Lucid for a fireside chat with three experienced leaders and learn practical frameworks, strategies, and techniques you can use right now to build a team of better collaborators.

You’ll come away with:

  • Strategies for building collaboration skills with intention, including how to use visual collaboration as a force multiplier on your workflow
  • Techniques and templates for establishing engaging team spaces that promote knowledge sharing and increase team morale—especially for hybrid and remote teams
  • Insights on how to rebound after setbacks, failures, or business hardships so your team isn’t afraid to experiment and innovate

About the speakers

Malte Scholz

Malte is the co-founder, CEO, and CPO of airfocus—the world’s first flexible and modular product management platform, supporting product strategy and management in firms of any size or sector. Malte is a passionate product manager and entrepreneur with deep product management knowledge and a strong track record of developing SaaS and mobile tech.

Humberto Ayres Pereira

Humberto is the CEO of Rows, a next-gen spreadsheet that offers instant access to data from SaaS products and a live sharing mode that transforms your spreadsheets into interactive webpages. 

Jessica Guistolise

Jessica is an evangelist for Lucid, the visual collaboration platform. Her mission is to help people and organizations achieve their goals through effective communication and collaboration. She is skilled at change adoption with expertise in agile methodologies, product management, leadership coaching, and team building in retail, technology, and financial services industries.  

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