Enhance cross-functional understanding with Lucid + Microsoft integrations

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Bring your spreadsheets, slideshows, and documents to life by pairing Lucid with your favorite Microsoft apps. 

We’ve got nine recently released integrations available—six brand-new and three updated integrations—to add context to your documents, align teams, and improve cross-functional understanding. 

Now you can integrate Lucidspark and Lucidscale with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Plus, we’ve updated the UI and functionality of our Lucidchart Microsoft integrations. 

Make your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations more visual

By adding Lucidchart documents, Lucidspark boards, and Lucidscale models to your Microsoft documents, you can:

  • Add color and context to your Word documents.
  • Use powerful diagrams that break down complex subjects in your PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Improve clarity and understanding of Excel spreadsheets by visualizing data points.

Share Lucid documents across broader teams

Keeping your Lucid visuals and Microsoft documents saved in different places or sharing them separately silos information relevant to different teams and projects. Add Lucid visuals to your Microsoft documents to create more powerful documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that help teams across your organization understand what others are working on and how they might collaborate.

Build understanding across teams faster 

Not only does adding visuals to your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations make your content easier to digest, it also improves clarity. 

By providing visual context in Microsoft documents, cross-functional teams can get on the same page faster with less time spent explaining.

More Microsoft integrations 

Along with the nine new releases we’ve discussed in this post, we also offer other Lucid integrations with Microsoft apps including:

  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Azure/ AD FS


Embed and edit Lucidchart documents and Lucidspark boards directly within Microsoft Teams and collaborate with team members to get feedback. 


Add Lucid visuals to your SharePoint sites, building a single source of truth for teams across your organization. 


Embed OneDrive images in Lucidchart documents and Lucidspark boards to provide important context.

Azure/ AD FS

Enable secure single sign-on for your users and manage Lucid licenses with auto-provisioning. 

Install Lucid + Microsoft integrations.

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