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With Microsoft Teams, everything your teams need to work together is available any time, all in one place. Use it to host online meetings or webinars, chat, share files, improve collaboration, and more. Microsoft Teams provides all the tools you need to thrive in a hybrid world.
With this integration, you can add Lucidchart documents and Lucidspark boards to your team channel, where anyone in the channel can edit or comment on your document. An embedded editor gives you the entire Lucid experience inside of a familiar interface. Create clarity as you work visually and quickly convey the information your team members need to know.

Key features

  • Embed and edit Lucid documents directly within Microsoft Teams.
  • Build and share flowcharts, whiteboards, wireframes, mockups, org charts, and other visuals.
  • Use in-editor commenting and notifications to get feedback on your ideas before you move forward.

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