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Engineering interns will join one of our engineering teams and work with the team to help accomplish the team’s goals. Each intern is assigned a mentor on their team to help them learn about our tech stack, codebase, and software development practices. Interns work on production code and by the end of the internship make a significant contribution.

Visual productivity revolution

We work on world-class products that are paving the way for visual productivity.


Interns participate with our Engineering staff in our summer hackathon. Teams compete to build a project of their choosing that will outshine the rest.

"Participating in the summer Hackathon was a really awesome experience. For three days everyone gets a chance to work on something they are passionate about and be able to express their creativity."

—Kylie Wolfe, 2019 intern, joined full time 2020

I had the opportunity to contribute from the beginning even as an intern. The team treated me as an equal and encouraged me to become a contributor quickly. Everyone is committed to bringing everyone around them up and constantly pushing me to be better.
- Justin Boyer, former intern, joined full time in August of 2020.

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If you’re looking for a company that values teamwork, initiative, and innovation, the choice is clear—you belong at Lucid.

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