Lucid Software Inc. Sub-Processor List

Authorized Sub-Processors for Lucid Software

As of March 1, 2021

Lucid engages a few third-party service providers that process Content on our behalf in connection with the provision of our Services to customers.


Services Related to Lucid


Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Web hosting and data servicesUnited States

Atlassian Pty Ltd

Content management and issue/project tracking

United States


Business applications and zero-knowledge encrypted backup for business continuity

United States

Marketo, Inc.

E-mail communications

United States

Sendgrid, Inc.

E-mail communications

United States

Snowflake Computing, Inc.

Analytics services

United States

Splunk Inc.

Logging solution

United States

Workato, Inc.

Data ETL

United States

Zendesk, Inc.

Customer support

United States

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Web-conferencing system

United States


Lucid Software Inc. Affiliates

Entity NameEntity Country

Lucidchart B.V.

The Netherlands

Lucidchart Pty Ltd


These lists will be maintained and updated from time to time, as Lucidchart develops and grows.

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