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Make your diagrams, flowcharts, and whiteboards beautiful with consistent-looking graphic sets.


Streamline makes the largest sets so you never have to mix and match inconsistent sets together. Streamline’s entire library of world-class icons, illustrations, emoji, and elements is accessible right in your Lucid editor. Recolor our massive sets to match your brand colors and communicate beautifully.


  1. Can I really use it for free? Yes. Our open-source sets are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. Over 3,000+ vector emojis and elements are free to use. All PNGs upto 400 pixels for illustrations and 48 pixels for icons are free. We don’t limit features — which means you can get access to all our advanced workflow features for free sets.
  2. What is the premium license? With a premium subscription, you can export at higher quality resolutions and use them without attribution. You’ll also be able to customize colors for all premium sets. For help, please email or use the chat bubble on our site

Key features

  • Unlimited downloads
  • World's largest sets
  • Forever license

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